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Unusual modern subcultures from around the world

The world is beautiful in its variety. There is no room for counterargument. Everyone is beautiful. “Yes, especially you, little girl, with the blood on your cheekbones and a zillion bruises on your body, you are the most unique and beautiful, and most importantly, definitely not mainstream. High five… or, whatever abusive words, you guys, are using to greet and congratulate each other”. Perhaps, there is no need to be redundant, when it is possible to explain what the fuss is all about with one word, i.e. “subculture”. Perhaps, the web 2.0 generation is “the” generation for those people, who had awoken from their long and deep sleep, who feel the urge to actively express their unique and inimitable inner self. Today is the best time for such unusual, queer, odd and bizarre groups of people, who can lead a full-fledged life, and be somewhat understood and perceived by the masses; there’s no doubt that this is their Age of Enlightenment… and blah-blah-blah. The subtext of those “blahs” is rooted in the fact that despite the hopeful “now is the time for us” spirit, these people, are still considered unusual and bizarre in their choices, behavioral patterns and appearances. Otherwise, no one would talk about, or referred to them as unusual.

The fact that the culture, established and maintained by these unusual people will always be considered a “sub”-culture appears to be, by far, the most alluring attribute of being a part of this bizarreville. Skinheads, hippies, hipsters, emo, punks and many, many others throw down the gauntlet to society, rebel against traditionalism, conservatism and mainstream, however, they do not really want to be understood or fully accepted by the world, though some of them claim that they suffer from the lack of understanding. Such acceptance will be symptomatic of the popular culture disease, in other words, their witty attempts to catch attention, incite controversy and spread perturbation among the “regular” people would be warmheartedly greeted, and ironically, that is not what they are wishing for. Some subcultures are, indeed, about people, whose inclinations and beliefs appear different from the ones, propagated by the majority. These groups of otherworldly people are harmless. But there are subcultures, whose oddity is repulsive, as it strikes terror into one’s very soul. The confidence in the idea that something is definitely up with such people is not a sign of fear or narrow-mindedness.

For instance, otherkin happens to be an Internet-based subculture, who believe that they not exactly human. “Otherkin often believe themselves to be mythological or legendary creatures, explaining their beliefs through reincarnation, having a non-human soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor” (Murano, 2009). Vampires, demons, dragons and other lovely creatures are the common members of this subculture.

Do not forget about the Sukeban girls, who represent Japanese girl gangs, who prefer wearing sailing uniforms, while committing acts of violence and shoplifting. There are also quite aggressive and deadly looking guys, who belong to the Norwegian Black Metal subculture, who reject mainstream culture in all its forms, and probably that is why they prefer to desecrate graveyards.

Hippies, nerds, industrials, hipsters, punks, Goths, bikers, cyberchics, skinheads and others are puppies in comparison to the previously mentioned groups of individuals. Their uniqueness may, indeed, be truthful and not at all pretentions. But it is difficult to be open-minded about the Norwegian angry men, or skinny Sukeban girls. This is not about being not like others; this is a sign of a certain medical condition… So, who still thinks that the world is beautiful in its variety?

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