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Unorthodox applications of math

For most of us mathematics is known as a severe subject with a lot of difficult theorems and multiple axioms. Some people know mathematics only as arithmetic and use it only to count money, time or other things. Actually mathematics is the science of structures, procedures and relationships, which historically was based on the operations of counting, measuring and describing real objects. Mathematical objects are created by the idealization of the real property or other mathematical objects, and write these properties in a formal language. Mathematics is not a science, but is widely used in them as to the exact wording of their content, and to obtain new results. Mathematics is a basic science, which provides common language means other sciences, thus it reveals their structural relationship and contributes to finding the most general laws of nature.

Mathematics is commonly used in physics and is inherent in it. However there are some unorthodox applications of math, which will be discussed further.

Mathematics can be used in card-games to achieve greater results. Probability theory and the set theory can be used in poke to improve your game efficiency.

In each episode of the game a player makes a decision, which can be estimated in money - win or lose. If you make a decision with the average result of only 1 cent, after 100,000 hands (so many act out in just one month!), this results in $ 1,000 of your earnings. At the same time in each hand a player can play out hundreds of dollars even at the lower limits, it would seem a penny here affects nothing. However at a distance that is what defines a small advantage you win or lose, and how much you win. The same applies to solutions with a negative average result. It just seems "so now I dare not once by chance and basically I'll play it right." In fact, these situations are repeated - in a minute, hour, day, week ... and all similar situations can be distinguished in the history of your game, and the result will be close to the very high estimate, multiplied by the number of such situations. If you “ventured once“ contrary to mathematics of poker, then consider that those pennies or dollars are lost, regardless of the outcome of this particular hand - even if it was lucky. And, again, minus 1 cent each in the decisions taken will result in 100 thousand hands a $ 1,000 bankroll lost.

A lot of interesting mathematical regularities were found in sport activities. Among other things, they explain why left-handers have an advantage in the game of baseball, brought up the connection between the heel and sprint as an athlete, determine the ideal shape of a ball golf course and developed the most effective tactics of slashing.

Mathematics and Athletics

Arithmetic calculations are very important in this sport. In the run-up jumping, when the jumper runs up in length, it is very important to use math for the clearest hitting the "spike" on the bar repulsion.

Mathematics and chess

Mathematics and chess have a lot of similarities. Eminent mathematician GH Hardy, drawing a parallel between human activities, noted that the problems of chess is nothing more than a mathematical exercise, but the game of chess - it is like whistling mathematical tunes. Forms of thinking mathematician and a chess player are very close, and not accidentally mathematicians are often able to be good chess players. Chess pieces, boards, and the game itself are often used to illustrate the variety of mathematical concepts and problems.

Mathematics and skiing

When planning the training process, mandatory is a mathematical calculation of various types of training. Without performing mathematical modeling of a workout, the athlete should not be given the load, as in the process are taken into account: height, weight, age, heart rate per minute, blood pressure, degree of preparedness of athletes and more. Only properly planned and applied training plan does not harm the health of athletes and allows them to get fit and achieve significant athletic performance.

No wonder they say that math is the queen of sciences. Mathematics is needed in any sport.

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