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The worst natural disasters that were caused by humans

It probably goes without saying that there is no limit to human stupidity. So let’s put an interesting spin on this very fact, shall we? Everyone living on our beautiful Mother Earth (as well as the inhabitants of other planets, if you are reading this, you should know that you are also welcomed here) should be filled with the endless feeling of gratitude towards those exceptional individuals, who never stop contributing to the messiness of the world. Considering the overall degradation of the humanity just a usual appetizer in our daily menu let us all focus on the main course, i.e. the worst natural disasters that were caused by humans.

Interestingly, the actual concept of the natural disaster as a result of the human activity is a disputable matter: apparently, the wiseacres of the 21st century cannot seem to grasp the idea of a natural catastrophe being caused by a human. Apparently, the adjective “natural” automatically excludes human involvement. Sarcasm aside, it is very depressing to realize that people separate themselves from nature, as well as prefer to adhere to the utopian notions, attempting to persuade themselves in the fact that originally, natural disasters is nature’s own fault. Now, isn’t it swell? Everyone should be proud of the human race: placing the blame and responsibility for natural catastrophes on nature is uncanny. Bad, bad nature!

It is commonly believed that humans add to the risk of natural disasters. That is one way to look at this disturbing problem, while the other is to glance at the actual truth, which is that humans are the ones, who create the risk of something shaking, exploding and whirlpooling all over the place. We are not merely the unlucky victims of these disasters, we are their delusional inventors. As the interesting spin on the depressing matter of natural disasters and human stupidity was promised at the beginning of our joyful adventure, here is the list of the top 3 natural disasters inflicted on the human race by the human race.

1. The Union Carbide gas leak in the city of Bhopal in Madya Pradesh County, India. “December 3, 1984 has become a memorable day for the city of Bhopal […]. Shortly after midnight, a poisonous gas cloud escaped from the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide factory. The cloud contained 15 metric tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC), covering an area of more than 30 square miles” (Enzler, 2006). The research conducted by the BBC proves that besides 50 000 to 500 000 people, who suffered from the environmental disaster during the actual catastrophe, more than 100 000 people were faced with health problems in the years that followed. The most depressing thing is that every year people still fall ill and die due to the consequential gas exposure.

2. The attempt of the citizens of Centralia, Pennsylvania to clean up the town’s landfill. A group of firefighters, who volunteered to clean up the town’s landfill (that appeared to be the abandoned mine, filled with trash), decided that the best way to clean up something is to set this something on fire, truly believing that there is no particular need in actually putting the fire out. It is a certainty that this catastrophe would not be a real catastrophe without inexplicable rates of people getting ill from the extremely polluted air, as well as the fact that this less than unsuccessful clean up occurred in 1962, while required, under these circumstances, attention wasn’t paid until 1979.

3. Major oil spills in 1978 caused by the Liberian super tanker Amoco Cadiz and in 1988, resulted from the explosion on the oil and gas production platform Piper Alpha. The “beauty” of these environmental disasters is in the unpredictability of all the possible harmful effects these disasters may cause, as well the ambiguity of the possibility that the nature will ever completely renew itself.

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