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The Most Bizarre Lawsuits That were Won by the Prosecutor

Every day hundreds of lawsuits are listened in the court. Some of them are dismissed, some are won by the prosecutors and some of these cases surprise people by the court’s decision.

One of the most bizarre cases was won by the prosecutor in October, 1998. The claimant was a man who tried to finish robbery of a house. He decided to leave it through the garage. However, he could not open the door of the garage because its automatic opener did not function in the appropriate way.

Moreover, he could not enter the house again because the door that connected the house and the garage shut and locked. The owners of the house had vacation, so the robber could not leave the house and he had to stay in the garage for eight days.

All he found to subsist was Pepsi and a bag of dry dog food. He was so upset because he had to eat it, that he believed that he suffered mentally and sued the homeowner’s insurance for this situation. The case was won and the robber was paid half a million dollars.

One more case was won by a teenager who lived in a small town. For years he was bullied by his classmates because they considered him to be a gay. In the case the Tonganoxie School District was the defendant and the claimant was an 18-year-old boy. In 2004 he claimed to be harassed with homophobic slurs until he quit the school. In the court he testified that he wasn’t a gay and he was awarded $440.000.

One more victory was experienced by the prosecutor who dealt with case of Kathleen Robertson, Texas. According to her claim, when Ms. Robertson was in a furniture store, she tripped over a toddler who was running there and broke her ankle. She was awarded $780,000 by the jury, considering the fact that the running toddler was Ms. Robertson’s son.

One of the night club’s owners was sued by a client, Kara Walton. The claimant won the case in which she claimed that she fell out from the window of the bathroom of the night club. Because of the fall on the floor she knocked out her two front teeth. The accident occurred when the claimant was trying to sneak through the ladies’ room’s window in order to escape paying the cover charge of $3.50. The court awarded the claimant $12,000 and coverage of the expenses to cover her dental treatment.

Carl Truman, a 19-year-old citizen of Los Angeles won $74,000 and coverage of medical expenses because his neighbor ran his hand over with his car, Honda Accord. Probably, the claimant did not notice that the driver was in the car when he tried to steal the hubcap from it.

Wanda Hudson was 44 years old when she lost her home and had to move all her belongings to a storage unit. One night she was inside of the unit looking for some papers when the manager of the storage yard came and locked the door.

The woman claims that she was not sleeping, she just did not call for help or bang on the door for somebody could let her out. For 63 days she lived inside the locked storage and this was the reason of her claim.

In spite of the fact that the jury was not allowed to get to know whether the claimant had any mental problems previously and she was found to be completely responsible for the predicament, she was awarded $100,000.

Such bizarre cases are listened in the courts frequently, they are added by situations in which the claimants blame banks in the fact that dealing with them brings stress, lack of sleep, and pain; as well as by people who perform not well-thought actions with some devises and later claim the manufacturers not to include more instructions in the handbooks advising the customers how to use the devises in appropriate way (30 Craziest Lawsuits).

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