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At literature classes students are often assigned to review a book. The assignment is called the book report. It can be a simple description of the book, stating all the details and describing the plot. Or it may be an in-depth analysis of the work of literature, touching upon the hidden meanings or the author's messages. In any case you should know how to write it correctly and we want to help you out with that.

Writing services available at my-writing-expert.org all around the clock can help not only with such book reports but also with many other academic, corporate, creative or personal documents. The variety of services is vast and can meet all your needs, satisfy all your expectations and solve all your writing problems. And you are welcome to visit any time suitable for you.

The book report is a short summary of a literature work, including the impression from it. Such reports can be of various structure, length or complexity. It all depends on the grade or school level, the importance of the assignment and the instructor's personal requirements and expectations. The first paragraph which is an introduction usually deals with the synopsis. The main body gives the fullest description of the book and answers the main questions of the assignment. The personal impression is usually presented in the concluding paragraph.

You need to consider the requirements before you start writing your report. You do not need to write more if you are asked only to retell the plot. On the other hand beware to write too little if you are supposed to give a deep critical or psychological analysis of the conflict or the main character. Clarify all the requirement right from the start.

Read the book attentively making marginal notes, notes in your copybook and marking pages with sticky flags. Reread it if necessary. But be ready to answer any question asked in the assignment. The tutor or teacher should understand from your report that you have read the book and know what it's all about and figure out the way you understand it.

Don't be afraid to express yourself. Your thoughts and feelings have the right for existence. It doesn't matter if you disagree with the prominent critics that have researched the book or the writer himself. The book report is yours and this is your position and you can defend it. Stick to this position and be ready to back it up with convincing evidence and relevant quotations from the book or secondary sources.

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