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Structure and format of a nonfiction book report form

You can find a nonfiction book report form in the Internet. This form is necessary in order to show students how to structure their nonfiction book reviews. This task helps to develop reading and writing skills. Scientific, medical, law and other kinds of books are non-fiction. Nonfiction reports describe and summarize the information given in the books by their authors.

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Any nonfiction book report form has the same structural elements. It usually consists of three paragraphs: the introduction, the summary and the reaction. In the introduction, you should write the title of the book and the author's name.

To write a superior paper you must read the source entirely paying attention to the details. The introductory paragraph must present the book, giving its title and the name of the author. Say a few words about the author and his/her purpose to write the book. Describe the topic of your report and state your purpose to write it.

In the summary paragraph, describe the book in a logical way and state its main point. You should quote some strong and important places from the material so that the reader could understand what the book is about and decided to read it. You must express your attitude towards the book as well. Say what you like about it and what you do not like. You should also quote those places that explain your position.

In the reaction paragraph you should say if you can recommend the book to your friend. If you think that you can recommend reading the book you must say why the book is useful and good to read. If you consider it useless, you have to clarify what made you think so.

A nonfiction book report form has an easy structure which you can comprehend and write your report according to the structural elements in the form. In case you need help, you can ask us to be of assistance to you.

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