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Originality is the way to success! 'Copy-paste' is just a technical process and it does not carry any value. Have you come across the quotation you have got interested in? Never forget to name the author. It is important and highly estimated if you hand in non plagiarized term papers only!

Plagiarism is the worst word that can be said in our writing organization. The writers of our company long for presenting our customers with original work. They say they would not be considered writers otherwise, they would be typists. We are proud of being able to issue 100% original and innovative creative writing works. Now we are going to discuss the nature of plagiarism for you to always be yourself!

What do you think about plagiarism? Is it stealing somebody's words? Does it mean that you completely agree to some idea that has been worked out before? No matter how one can treat it. The truth is that your works should be free of this thing! How can it happen that your work is seen plagiarized?

We can say that there are two types of plagiarism. It can be purposeful or accidental. The purposeful is worse as a writer just assigns a ready work. It is a complete disrespect for a real author. A plagiarized work is not academically valuable as it is just a kind of rewriting. Accidental plagiarism takes place when a writer does not mention the source or the author's name he or she has taken the citation from. No reference means that this idea is yours. A professor can get really surprised having found the conclusion he or she has developed in the book in your work with no reference in the bibliography list. Do you think completely the same as your lecturer?

Plagiarism can be seen not only in written works but also in music for example. Why create anything new? We do business. The reason is to get the most of profit. Let's take the melody that is already popular and write the lyrics quickly for it. Another hit is done! These are the thoughts of music cheaters. But listeners and fans will not appreciate it! In every country authors' rights for this or that piece of art are defined in the separate law. Its aim is to prosecute fraudsters who get money by means of the works done already. The plagiarized work made by you will be cheating and you will become a swindler. Will you do your best to avoid it?

As you can see you should always express yourself and be original. If it deals with your term papers, arrange non plagiarized term papers. It will add much to your knowledge. It will not be cheating. You will be respectful about the science work the professors have done earlier. And you will be granted for your originality by a good mark that you really deserve! Never let plagiarism enter your non plagiarized term papers!

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