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Motivation speech: how to persuade your audience

A motivation speech is one that will persuade your audience to act the way you offer rather than stay away from it. Will you manage to motivate a group of teenagers not to smoke pot? If you were a war leader, would you inspire your soldiers to fight? What does a public speaker need to possess to do it? Let's try to solve it together!

Our writing company deals with different written assignments every day. Our customers may order an essay, a research proposal, a research paper on different topics that we are interested in accomplishing successfully. In return we give a creative writing work of a correct format and style. As for the speeches, why not imagine a numerous audience in front of us that we, writers, are aimed at motivating? Not to look ridiculous we will work out a guide on some basic points one should know if he or she wants to be a famous public speaker!

The first motivation speeches date back to the times of the Ancient Greece and Rome. A single motivation speech would not exist today if Aristotle and Plato had not developed rhetoric, if Cicero had not founded the Latin Style of oratory. Why was it paid so much attention to? The answer is simple. There was no better tool to inspire the soldiers for a dreadful fight than the leader's inspiring words! Free time was often spent listening to the orators' speeches that were funny and interesting for the crowd. Such public speaking existed long ago.

Now it has changed completely. Politicians, businesspeople, managers and teachers use motivation speeches every day. An election speech, a speech aimed at the potential business partners, promoting a service and 'Give up smoking' speech to students are the modern types. How can it be made really effective? Well, first of all you should know your audience. Relate the problems you are going to speak about as close as possible to those that your audience may come across in every day life. There will be connection between you and your listeners! Don't drop it!

While speaking, use always 'we'. This will make you a part of the audience that will lead to better understanding and trust. Eye contact, appropriate gestures and questions will never let you lose this game. Control your voice stressing the main points and making pauses. Are you witty? Tell a joke for your listeners to relax a little. Is this technique difficult? These are the main rules that you can be taught in any speaking club or school.

Do not treat a motivation speech like saying arty-crafty things in a large in front of the hundreds of listeners. Making a proposal can also be a motivation speech! Be inspired and ready to motivate people bearing in mind its main principles described above. And do not forget to keep yourself motivated as well!

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