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Important books that were lost to history

Today’s era is all about information. People strive to know as much as possible, rarely managing to tell the truly important and valuable knowledge from another portion of daily garbage. The availability of information is magnifying: everyone is welcomed to become anything they want. The level of people’s education, erudition and awareness must be unbelievably high; however, this is not exactly how the availability of information affected a modern human being. Instead, people are disturbed by the information that, for some reason, is unavailable to them. The absurdity of the situation is quite amusing: people are not exploiting the present opportunity as they should be; however, they point out the seeming stupidity and carelessness of the previous generations, blaming them for the numerous books and manuscripts that were lost to history. Apparently, the availability of these books would have changed the world drastically. Let us turn into these slightly unsatisfied people for just a moment and see for ourselves whether the existence of these literary works would have changed who we are now.

There are twenty-four books in the Hebrew Bible and between sixty-six and eighty-four books in the Christian Bible that are missing. The lost books of the Bible as they are commonly referred to would reveal more to people about the creation and development of the world, however, there is no particular evidence about the content on these missing pages.

In line with the lost books of the Bible, stand Homer’s “Margites” and Shakespeare’s “Cardenio”. It is believed that Shakespeare’s lost play would have redefined the comparative literature in its core. Unfortunately, we’ll never know. One thing can be claimed for sure though; there is a certain category of students, who may have been relieved by the fact that they do not have to study yet another wonderful play by William Shakespeare.

Taking into consideration the views of today’s youth, there is a certain confidence in the fact that “The Gospel of Eve” by the unknown author would have been a bestseller. “The Gospel of Eve” is a lost portion of the New Testament apocrypha, though it is not a part of the canonical Bible. According to Jacopo Della Quercia, this book is “apparently a totally sexually perverse lost book of the Bible. […] church officials back in the day said the book was inspiring all kinds of depravity” (2010). The interesting thing about this particular book lost to history is that it is being referred to as the one to propagate free love, however, it is rarely stressed that this is the opinion of a single man. People are still arguing about the numerous interpretations of the Bible, trying to figure out the optimal version, the true version. Perhaps, this book would have changed the world, but not in the predicted, perverse, way, but quite the contrary. One is free to believe that this book might have presented a pure and profound vision on the act of physical love.

Among the important books lost to history there are Archimedes’ “On Sphere-Making”, the “Rare Books” section at the House of Wisdom, Plato’s “Hermocrates”, “The Book of the Wars of the Lord” supposedly created by God. Interestingly, some experts include Hemingway’s World War I novel that was never found, Jane Austen’s “Sanditon” and many others, fictional literary pieces, into the list of the significant lost books. It is rather confusing to realize that for some people lost books of the Bible and the one by the God are of great importance, once others focus on Jane Austen and William Shakespeare, thinking about the changes that would have happened in the world, i.e. the literary world. It seems that someone needs to pop the question whether these books are equally important, because they indeed would have presented the world with the unique and earthshaking knowledge, or they are equally important, because they are simply lost?

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