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Everything you ever wanted to know about how to write research papers

Do not ask yourself how to write research papers, but ask somebody who knows how to do it. You can ask your professor, teacher or scientific adviser to explain the most complicated points to you. A research paper presents a research completed in a laboratory or in a way of observation. They are reports of those experiments that you have performed. Every document of such kind has some empirical data and its analysis.

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If you have realized how to write research papers you can start your writing process. In the beginning, every student who needs the paper has to write an abstract of about two hundred words after the title page. The abstract is a short description of your entire work. However, do not include tables into the abstract. After that, you are supposed to write the report itself. All academic papers have similar structural elements. You must start writing the introductory paragraph first. In this part, you are expected to present your topic and state your thesis. You need to mention the methods that you are going to apply in order to support the thesis. After you have written the introduction, start writing the main part of your study review.

In the main body of your document, you must write the materials and methods part. In this part, mention all the materials and chemicals that you used in your experimental work. Point out every method that you used in your experiment too.

After the above section, you have to write a results part. In this part, you have to explain the results of your experiment. Then, make an analysis of your data and put it in the graphs, tables or other descriptive forms.

The next section is a discussion section. In this part, you must describe the methods that you used and discuss your results. Convincingly and rationally explain the possible reasons for the outcome of your experiment. Then, write the conclusion.

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