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It is quite difficult to determine, whether young people who combine working with their studies, know some secret. It is also difficult to say, whether they have a magic trick, or know something about time-management, or getting-things-done (GTD) that we have not heard about. However, more and more young people seek out to combining studies (even full-time and very demanding courses) with working either part-time or even full-time. This requires them to be extremely productive and effective in everything that they do.

Combining working and studies is often not a single problem that young people have to face. They also have their personal and social lives and hobbies and some of them might even have a family to take care of. It should be a very demanding task not to lose track of it all.

There are several ideas that will help young individuals to balance working with studies.

1. First of all, pick a job that would suit you as a part-time. If you are taking a job that would require your full-time presence, this would badly reflect on your grades. Although there are people who manage to stay away from their studies for long (on business trips, for example), there are very few of them.

2. Make sure that your employer knows that you are a student and has some level of understanding of your situation.

3. Choose a job that does not require long commuting hours. However, if you ended up having one, use the time spent on the bus or on the train effectively. You can spend this time studying or reading.

4. Forget the word “balance”. There is very little opportunity that you would be able to balance studies and work. Rather, it would be long stretches and periods of focus on one or another thing. What you have to know is how to focus and study effectively so that you do not spend time unproductively.

5. Set your priorities. Some of your hobbies or even parts of your social life would have to be changed. You would not be able to dedicate that much time to them.

6. Use your time effectively. Track your time use ad optimize it. Free some time for yourself.

7. In some of your courses, you would have to learn in short and intensive stretches, rather than taking the course gradually and steadily.

8. Use all help that is available. While at university, talk to your professors, classmates and teaching assistants.

9. While both studies and work require a lot of energy and effort, it is still important to set aside some time for relaxation and change of activity. Otherwise, without dropping the psychological tension, you would quickly burn-out.

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