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Psychology is considered to be a relatively new science. However, it became very popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since that time a lot of experiments were hold and unfortunately many of them violated codes and standards of ethics.

The Monster Study was one of the most unethical experiments that have ever been hold. The researchers used twenty-two orphan children from different states. The children were placed in control and experimental groups. Half of them were provided with positive speech therapy, while other eleven children heard negative speech therapy. After the research it was noted that many of the children from the second group started experiencing negative psychological effects and some demonstrated speech problems during their entire lives.

For several years the experiment and information about it was kept in secret because the researchers believed that it would be compared to the experiments that were conducted by the Nazi during the World War II. Only in year 2001 the University of Iowa, which was the place of the experiment, apologized for the Monster Study.

One more study took place in 1971 in Stanford Prison. Some psychologists do not consider it as unethical; however, its results demonstrate the opposite. Aim of the research was to examine behavior of people when placed into roles of prisoners or guards.

Students were used for the experiment and they were given roles of the prisoners and the guards. During the experiment the prisoners were put into situations that caused disorientation, depersonalization and degradation, while their guards did not receive any specific instructions or training.

The experiment took place for five days and then it was stopped because the researchers realized how dangerous its consequences were: prisoners demonstrated emotional disturbances, learned helplessness, became depressed, while the guards became paranoid about the prisoners and started to believe that they were out to get them.

Many experiments, including those psychological, are hold on animals. In one of such experiments several monkeys and rates were educated to inject themselves with drugs such as codeine, morphine, cocaine, and also use alcohol.

Once the animals learnt to inject themselves, they were also provided with large amounts of each drug and were left by the researchers on other own.

They demonstrated such disturbance that some of them tried to escape and in these attempts they broke their arms; monkeys that were taking cocaine had convulsions, hallucinations, they tore their fur and in some cases their fingers. Later the researchers found out that in cases when the animals were taking morphine and cocaine they died within two weeks.

Many animals suffered and died just because the researchers tried to understand the addiction and drug use effects.

Dogs also became subjects of experiments and they were taught to be helpless. During one of the experiments three groups of dogs were placed in harnesses. Those from the first group were free after some time which did not bring any harm; dogs from the second group were paired up and leashed together. Later one dog from each pair had electrical shock until the lever was pressed. Dogs that were placed in the third group also were paired up and leashed together; just like in the second group, one dog of a pair was given electrical shocks which did not end when the lever was pressed. Being inevitable, shocks taught the animals to be helpless. Later the dogs from the third group had signs of clinical depression.

In spite of the fact that nowadays millions of people and many organizations fight for rights of people, animals and ethical attitude towards them, unethical experiments are being hold, causing more and more harm both to separate individuals as well as to entire communities (Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments).

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