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Compare and contrast essay - creative writing approaches

Is the topic of your creative writing work 'Compare the intellectual rock of the 70s and the contemporary rock music'? Is your task to describe and compare living in the city and in the countryside? You can be sure that you are to a compare and contrast essay. What approach does it require? Let's bring some light on it!

The writers of our professional writing organization cannot imagine any activity without comparing it to a similar or opposite one. If you want to know the subject, you are to weigh all the aspects that you may come across. This task is often given to the students for them to develop their analytical skills dealing with simple things. How make it properly in the form of academic writing? Our team will help you as this is a kind of the job we are happy to do for our customers!

There are two approaches that are rather appropriate for writing a contrast and comparison essay. The scheme of the first one may look as introduction - topic 1 - topic 2 - topics 1 and 2 together - conclusion. Despite the fact that you are given only one topic to write on you have two objects to compare. The introduction is to captivate your readers' attention and state the thesis. Then smoothly proceed to describing the first object. Go into detail and do not mention the second subject until you finish this part. Once you have finished get down to the second object. As well as with the first one provide your readers with the detailed depicting of the second object. In the fourth part of your work analyze the two objects together. Do not repeat your thoughts from the previous paragraphs but give your conclusion or advice. And finally you may start your conclusion part. It should restate the thesis and express a reasonable explanation where your work has led to. Will you cope with 'Travelling by Bus or Plane' essay?

The second approach can be presented as introduction - all the comparisons - all the contrasts - conclusion. As you can see it differs from the first by that you do not have to analyze the first object and the second one separately. Instead you are to highlight all the similarities and then all that is different in your second and third parts of your work. There should be at least three similarities and three distinctive features compared. And do not forget to mention what is more preferable for you or what is better from your point of view in your final conclusion. Now the topic 'Twitter vs. FaceBook' will not sound complicated!

Both approaches to compare and contrast essay writing are acceptable. It is up to you to decide which one to choose and which one will make your writing easier. Keep these schemes in your memory and you will easily write your compare and contrast essay on 'Educational Systems of Great Britain and the USA' or 'Art works by Mozart and Beethoven'!

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