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Most effective way of writing a 5 paragraph essay

A 5 paragraph essay is a very popular argumentative creative writing assignment. Its roots come back to the roots of rhetoric. Nowadays college students often have to deal with this task. How succeed in it? What is its structure? Let's find it out immediately!

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A 5 paragraph essay requires some 5 components to be present. Can you guess what they are? These components are introduction, narration, affirmation, negation and conclusion. These words may confuse everyone who will see them for the first time. Let us explain their meaning they have when you write a 5 paragraph essay!

The first one is introduction. Its main purpose is to present the thesis of your whole work. But do not sound barren in this part. Your brilliant ideas how to start your work should appear in the first words of your introduction. You are to grab your readers' attention. Though you should never let them be bored throughout the whole work. Provide them with a short joke or a striking quotation. They will make your audience laugh and have a positive mood at the very beginning. A citation will tune your readers to what you are going to speak about. By the way, a good proverb can be a bright solution as well!

The main body of your work is to represent narration, affirmation and negation. Thus you will have three paragraphs that will stand for each point. The first one is narration. And in this part you should present the overview of all the supporting materials that you have used. Let your readers become well-informed about the subject like you have got once! Then proceed to affirmation. You have already highlighted the main points of your thesis. Now you are to confirm them. Give all the arguments to affirm your standpoint. Will your readers agree with you? They will not agree with you until you present the arguments that are against your thesis. They are to be included in the third paragraph of main body that is negation. Your readers will have different viewpoints in front of them. They will think about them and develop their own solution. Will it be 'for' or 'against' your thesis it si up to them to decide!

A bright conclusion is as important as a bright introduction. Restate your thesis in this part and give reasonable clues to this problem. This is the final point your work has led to. Express your opinion about the matter that your readers will find worth taking into consideration!

Do you a 5 paragraph essay structure challenging? It may seem to be so after reading its theoretical description. Attract your readers' attention, provide them with all the necessary information, highlight 'for' and 'against' arguments and give your final word! Now take a pen and write your own 5 paragraph essay!

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